FEE (Article Processing Charges)

Charges revised from July2021.

For Authors (other than INDIA) Publication fee / Article processing charges (APC) are 250 USD (Inc. VAT) for articles containing 20 or less pages. For additional pages 3 USD per page is applicable.

For Indian authors APC is INR 4000 (Inc. GST) upto 20 pages. For additional pages INR 150 per page is applicable.

Once your article is being approved for publication, payment form will be sent to your mail id along with “Notice of Acceptance” for wire transfer or digital modes of making payments.


Article Processing Fee (APC) includes Typesetting, Publishing and listing of the paper in the indexing agencies, repositories, assigning PDI, maintenance of web-services and other administrative expenses. All soft documents such as “Notice of Acceptance”, “Review reports” and “Certificate of Publication” e-mailed are NOT charged extra. However for hardcopies of certificates and journal issue, charges are payable by authors in addition to APC as they are mailed physically. Kindly refer details below-


Assigning DOI

Final Typesetting of Paper/Article

Fetching metadata to indexing agencies

Citation tracking services

Softcopy of reports and certificates to authors

Maintenance of website(s)


Hardcopy of journal issue

Printed Certificates dispatched to individual authors

Note – At IRJEAS, we do not charge authors for submitting papers. Paper submission is completely free.


For authors (any country) unable to pay full fee due to any financial problem/shortcoming/restriction are eligible for upto 75% waiver in publishing fee on production of genuine and valid proof in support of their claim for fee waiver.

Kindly Note that in case of not producing valid proof, full fee will be applicable.

Moreover, APC charged for any article getting more than 15 citations within a year from date of publication will be reimbursed to the APC paying author. This policy at IRJEAS is adopted to promote quality of papers being published. Only journal citations will be counted.