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“IRJEAS” welcomes researchers, academicians and all competent professionals to join as reviewers, advisors or editors. Being a member of the editorial board of a journal is a matter of prestige as well as achievement. It enhances your academic profile. In addition to that you stay tuned and in touch with the peers on the blog of IRJEAS so that you never miss the latest happenings in the field of academics and research. The benefits of being a member of Editorial Board do not limit to the above-mentioned advantages but also extend to the free subscriptions to our newsletters and Annual Citation Reports. Moreover, partial fee waiver option against credentials gained by reviewing papers also adds to your benefits of being a member. While applying for reviewer/advisor/editor, we suggest you to provide complete and true information about your qualifications and achievements as we follow a strict set of guidelines while accepting the applicant as a member of Editorial Board, be it a reviewer, an advisor or an editor of IRJEAS.

To join as Reviewer/Advisor/Editor, mail your resume to

A consent form will be required by you once you get acceptance from IRJEAS. The consent form will be mailed to you along with the acceptance/Invitation letter.